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A QuotaPath Framework To Celebrate Your Customers

Inspired by QuotaPath

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A QuotaPath Framework To Celebrate Your Customers

Use this Framework to celebrate the success of your users.

đź“— Framework Details

Celebrating the success of your users not only builds empathy for your customer base but also helps your team align on one singular mission: that mission is that customer success matters.

The team at QuotaPath lives this mission so much that they recently created a peer-nominated "Quokka of the Month" recognition program. What is a Quokka? It's a marsupial in Western Australia and hails from the same family as the kangaroo and wallaby. Its signature, fuzzy, little smile earned quokkas the title of "happiest animal on Earth."

At QuotaPath, they're happiest when customers achieve their goals. Through QuokkaPath, they hope to bring quokka-inspired smiles to teams as they celebrate wins together.

  • So how can your team set up a customer recognition program within your business function?

  • How can you improve team alignment and customer happiness by celebrating your customers using this Playbook?

Grab a time to meet with your team, and brainstorm how to make this happen today.

đź“— Next Steps

  • Share this Framework with your team, and ask for feedback on how you can use a similar strategy to Quotapath.

  • Use a Notion doc to gather ideas, and decide how you want to improve team alignment and customer happiness