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Street Dreams Are Made Of These

Inspired by Mochary Method

  • Team Framework

  • Targets Grit

Street Dreams Are Made Of These

Use this Framework to help your team align on their big dreams.

đź“— Framework Details

The Framework emphasizes the importance of long-term planning, recognizing that real growth and change often require time and consistent effort.

By focusing on a 3-year horizon, team members are encouraged to think beyond immediate challenges and daily tasks, envisioning a future where they have overcome obstacles and achieved their aspirations. This process not only motivates individuals to persevere through difficulties but also instills a sense of purpose, ensuring that every step taken aligns with their broader vision and the collective goals of the team.

đź“— Implementation Steps

  1. Initial Briefing: Gather your team and introduce the concept of a 3-year personal vision. Explain its purpose and benefits, emphasizing that it's a tool to cultivate grit and motivation.

  2. Provide Guidelines: Share guidelines for creating the 3-year vision. Discuss what elements should be included, such as career milestones, personal development goals, and life objectives.

  3. Individual Reflection: Give team members time to individually brainstorm and jot down their thoughts. This is a crucial step as it allows them to be introspective.

  4. Group Session: Hold a facilitated session where team members can share their initial thoughts and get feedback. Make it a safe space for open discussion.

  5. Documentation: Instruct each team member to finalize their 3-year vision in a document. Encourage them to be as specific as possible, including actionable steps to reach their vision.

  6. Peer Review: Allow team members to review each other's visions if they're comfortable sharing. Peer review can provide additional perspectives that can enhance the vision.

  7. Commitment: Have each member commit to their vision by placing it in a place where they can regularly review it, whether it's digitally on Notion or printed on their wall.

  8. Regular Check-ins: Schedule quarterly check-ins to discuss progress, roadblocks, and necessary adjustments to the vision.

  9. Measure Success: At the end of each year, assess how close team members are to achieving their 3-year vision. Celebrate the milestones reached and strategize on overcoming challenges.