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Use Active Recovery Days To Fight Burnout

Inspired by LEON

  • Personal Framework

  • Targets Burnout

Use Active Recovery Days To Fight Burnout

An active recovery Framework to help control your fight or flight response.

As a founder, sometimes we need to go all out to achieve new levels of that hockey-stick growth we all dream about, right? You know, that quarter after quarter, battening down the hatches, slamming 27 red bulls, and screaming, this is SPARTA, while you try to hit that 20% MoM growth.

This strategy may sound like a great idea. Still, research shows that this neverending "fight or flight" response that founders experience can negatively impact your well-being and sales performance.

This idea is why you need to be smart about how you grow fast as hell while still maintaining your mental health.

For the next 30 days, use this Framework to build in two recovery days per week. This will help you down-regulate stress while driving recovery and high performance.

To run this Playbook, pick two days a week to do work-related activities you would rank as low-stress; these two days should focus on what some would call "flow" or deep work.

Eliminate any unnecessary internal meetings, and limit your Slack, Teams, and email communication. From a personal perspective, schedule times where you can focus on low-intensity, recovery-type activities. Yoga, breathing exercises, and low-volume, low-intensity workouts can help support recovery.

📗  Next steps

  • Share this Framework with your team.

  • Update shared calendars, making sure to block off two days a week for active recovery.

  • Start a dialogue about how you plan to recover and ask your team to chime in.

  • Run this Framework for 30 days.