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The First Rule About Fight Club...

Inspired by LEON

  • Manager Framework

  • Targets Burnout

The First Rule About Fight Club...

Use this Framework to frame your team conversations around well-being

đź“— Opening Statement

In a high-stress environment, the tendency to always be "on" can cause not just physical but emotional and psychological drains.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that tackling issues head-on is always the right strategy, there are times when avoiding certain conversations can be more beneficial. The key is to facilitate emotional recovery and help team members refocus on their core mission. Let's delve into the nuances of managing this delicate balance and look at specific steps to re-align your team's mindset.

đź“— Implementation Steps

  1. Self-Awareness: As a manager, cultivate awareness of your team's stress levels. Monitor signs of fatigue, disengagement, or irritability.

  2. Timing is Everything: Recognize that a Slack message at midnight might do more harm than good. Be mindful of your team's off-hours.

  3. Personalize One-on-One: In your next one-on-one meeting, steer the conversation away from business objectives and towards personal well-being and goals.

  4. Encourage Mental Breaks: Promote short breaks or relaxation exercises during the workday to disengage the fight or flight response.

  5. Non-Business Communication: Use internal channels to share uplifting news or motivational quotes that can serve as mental palate cleansers.

  6. Revisit Mission and Values: Periodically remind the team of the organization's core mission and how their work contributes to it. This can be a powerful realignment tool.

  7. Employee Resource Programs: Promote usage of any available Employee Assistance Programs that focus on emotional well-being.

đź“— Next Steps

  • Begin by observing your team's behavior for signs of stress or burnout.

  • Schedule a different type of one-on-one meeting focused solely on personal well-being.

  • Use internal communication channels to share motivational or inspirational content as a form of mental respite.