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Start Stay Interviews to Improve Team Happiness

Inspired by LEON

  • Manager Framework

  • Targets Happiness

Start Stay Interviews to Improve Team Happiness

Use this Happiness Framework to plan a series of stay interviews with your team.

đź“— Framework Details

In today's rapidly evolving job market, marked by high turnover rates and phenomena such as the "Great Resignation," the concept of stay interviews has emerged as a transformative HR practice.

It serves as a proactive approach to understanding the aspirations, motivations, and concerns of current employees. Essentially, it's like an exit interview but in reverse. Instead of understanding why someone left, you’re digging into why they've stayed and what could make them consider leaving. In that light, let's delve into a structured approach to implementing stay interviews successfully.

đź“— Implementation Steps

  1. Announcement and Scheduling: Announce the initiative to your team, explaining its purpose and importance. Set up a system for employees to pick convenient time slots for their interviews.

  2. Preparation: Draft a set of open-ended questions aimed at understanding employee motivations, areas for improvement, and future career aspirations.

  3. Conducting the Interview: Establish a relaxed and confidential setting. Reiterate that this is not a performance review but a mutual discussion aimed at improvement.

  4. Questioning and Listening: Start with the drafted questions but allow for a free-flowing dialogue. Active listening and note-taking are key here.

  5. Feedback and Solutions: Ask for constructive feedback and discuss actionable steps.

  6. Documentation: Summarize the key outcomes of the interview and share with the participant for validation.

  7. Follow-up: Schedule and conduct follow-up meetings to discuss the implementation of discussed improvements.

  8. Data Aggregation and Analysis: Once all interviews are conducted, aggregate the data to spot common themes, concerns, or suggestions for improvements.

  9. Continuous Improvement: Make stay interviews a recurring element of your HR strategy for ongoing organizational development.

Next Steps

  • Start by scheduling a meeting with HR and team leaders to discuss the implementation of stay interviews.

  • Prepare a list of questions and distribute them to HR and team leaders for feedback.

  • Announce the initiative to the team and prepare a calendar for employees to book their stay interviews.

  • After completing the interviews, collect the data and prepare a report for upper management, focusing on actionable insights.