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Sh*t happens.

Inspired by LEON

  • Personal Framework

  • Targets Happiness

Sh*t happens.

Use this Playbook to help get over things that really don't matter.

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Trying to stay mindful, keeping the thinking brain on, and determining how you choose to interpret circumstances in your life can be a game-changer for your mental health.

Realizing that all events in life are intrinsically neutral, and their ultimate effect is determined by how WE perceive them. So many of the difficulties of life (and work) can be minimized not necessarily through dramatic changes in structure but rather by altering how people view things.

A mistake can be defined as a failure or learning experience; it depends on how you perceive it. So make sure:

  • Don’t over-exaggerate events in your life - the world is not ending

  • Don’t personalize what happened - it’s not always all about you

  • Don’t be overly dichotomous - just because x fell through does not mean you can’t still do

Essentially, what you feel is determined by what you think. So, if you don’t like how you feel, change how you think about what happened (easier said than done, of course - better get started!)

đź“— Next steps

The pressure to perform at a high level can often result in mistakes and inefficient habits. Learn from your mistakes and take ownership of them. Communicate in an open and honest manner. Ask for or provide help when needed and remember that every new mistake is also an opportunity for better performance.