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Retrospective Is The New Wave

Inspired by LEON

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Retrospective Is The New Wave

A Framework to help you understand what is working, what is not, and how you need to improve.

đź“— Framework details

Historically, retrospectives or debriefs originated in the military to discuss what happened on the battlefield or a specific mission.

  • What went wrong?

  • What went right?

  • What can we do better next time?

  • What happened that we weren’t prepared for, etc.

We view team retrospectives as very similar to this strategy. We are looking to gather as much information as possible about what happened before, during, and after the quarter that we can use to prepare for the next competition. It is our opinion that one of the results of the retrospective process is accountability; they have to look back and take an honest perspective of what happened, report it to leadership, and move forward in the process with a renewed passion for honing their craft.

For a team looking to improve upon resilience, retros can open doors to conversations they may want to have but are hesitant to bring up! We have found that employees who know that their input is highly valued in the process are often highly bought in. It also holds us as leaders accountable because we are reminded that we, too, are graded every day on our performance.

Ultimately, this accountability leads to an increased sense of Mindfulness. Use this framework and the attached document to book a time with your team to identify how to improve team alignment by reflecting on what worked, what didn’t, and why.

đź“— Next steps

  • Share this Framework and the attached Coda document with your team and explain the reason for running a retrospective in the customize section.

  • We recommend running a Retrospective with your team every couple of weeks or at the end of a project milestone.