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Peak Week Is Here!

Inspired by LEON

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Peak Week Is Here!

Use this Framework to leverage your recovery for a maximum effort week.

đź“— Framework Details

Peaking performance is about pushing the envelope to unlock unprecedented achievements.

This Framework is inspired by the concept of "peak week" in professional athletics, where athletes give it their all right before a major competition, followed by a period of rest and recovery. In a corporate setting, this strategy aims to maximize team effort for one week, with ambitious goals, followed by a "recovery week" with reduced workload and team-building activities.

đź“— Implementation Steps

  1. Pre-Work Meeting: Schedule a meeting a week prior to discuss the upcoming peak performance week. Align team members on the goals and mission for that week.

  2. Set Amplified Goals: During this pre-work meeting, increase the team's performance goals by 20% for the upcoming week. Make these goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

  3. Resource Allocation: During the peak week, minimize or eliminate internal meetings and other secondary tasks that might distract from the main objectives.

  4. Launch Peak Week: Officially start the peak week with a motivating kickoff. Ensure everyone knows the amplified goals and has the resources they need.

  5. Daily Check-ins: Perform short daily check-ins to ensure everyone is aligned and making progress. This also provides an opportunity to troubleshoot any roadblocks.

  6. Recovery Week Planning: Before the peak week ends, plan activities for the following "recovery week," which will involve reduced goals and workload.

  7. Launch Recovery Week: Decrease goals to 20% of the baseline and reduce work hours to 4 days a week. Utilize this week for team-building activities and recognition to celebrate the effort put in during the peak week.

  8. Wrap-Up and Reflection: After the recovery week, convene to assess the successes and areas for improvement, and discuss how to integrate the learnings into future efforts.

đź“— Next Steps

  1. Performance Analysis: Post-recovery week, analyze data to measure how effective the peak week was in achieving the goals set.

  2. Feedback Loop: Gather feedback from team members to understand the emotional and psychological impacts of this performance strategy.

  3. Regularize or Refine: Based on the results and feedback, decide whether to make this a regular performance strategy or refine it for better outcomes.