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(Optimus) Priming To Drive Performance

Inspired by LEON

  • Personal Framework

  • Targets Burnout

(Optimus) Priming To Drive Performance

Use this Framework to prime your team for performance

đź“— Framework details

Our founder, Bryan, comes from a professional sports background, and before games, they used a concept called "CNS Priming" to increase performance.

They showed that you could use nervous system priming - such as gaming (yes, Xbox) - and other problem-solving stimuli before a competition to increase ball-tracking ability, on-field decision-making, and strategy concepts in professional soccer players.

In another "priming" example discussed in the attached podcast, Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., expands on using breathing exercises to prime your nervous system for high performance.

đź“— Next steps

Based on our research, we have found some applications in using these concepts before high-stress/heavy cognitive events at work. So maybe before that next big presentation or that crazy product sprint, use this Framework to help you and your team improve focus and increase performance.

Some examples could be:

  • Role-playing if you are in a sales function.

  • A team-building exercise such as a virtual escape room or problem-solving exercise.

  • An in-person live event such as a challenge course or fitness event.

Remember, performance is always "more than meets the eye"...