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#OpenUp About Mental Health

Inspired by LEON

  • Manager Framework

  • Targets Happiness

#OpenUp About Mental Health

Use this Framework to create a shared Slack channel called #OpenUp.

📗 Framework Details

OpenUp is an internal initiative aimed at fostering a more inclusive and psychologically safe work environment by destigmatizing discussions around mental health.

Spearheaded by leadership but involving everyone, this initiative goes beyond corporate wellness programs to connect employees on a more personal, emotional level. It calls for an open dialogue where everyone can share their stories, challenges, and strategies for mental well-being. As a leader, your role is not just to implement OpenUp but to champion its values and facilitate these discussions actively.

📗 Implementation Steps

  1. Leader Endorsement: As the driving force behind #OpenUp, use leadership channels to publicly endorse the initiative, emphasizing its importance in a holistic work environment.

  2. Communication Platform: Choose an appropriate platform for sharing and discussion, whether it's a dedicated chat room, a recurring meeting, or an internal blog where people can share their stories and resources.

  3. Topic Guidelines: Prepare a list of potential topics around mental health that can be discussed. This could range from wellness strategies to sharing personal challenges.

  4. Confidentiality Assurances: Establish clear guidelines on confidentiality to create a safe space for open discussion.

  5. Facilitation: As the leader, actively participate in discussions or even lead some of the conversations to set the tone and ensure that the initiative stays true to its objectives.

  6. Resource Sharing: Make available a range of resources on mental health, such as articles, webinars, and contact details for professionals, accessible to all team members.

  7. Monitoring and Feedback: Collect anonymous feedback about the effectiveness and impact of the OpenUp initiative, making adjustments as needed.

📗 Next Steps

  1. Assess Impact: After a set period, evaluate the effectiveness of OpenUp in improving conversations around mental health and make necessary adjustments.

  2. Scale: If successful, consider integrating the OpenUp initiative into new employee onboarding and expand its reach within the organization.

  3. Continuous Improvement: Keep an eye on current research and trends in mental health to continually refine and improve the OpenUp initiative.