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Level Up With Deliberate And Focused Practice

Inspired by LEON

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Level Up With Deliberate And Focused Practice

Use this Playbook to improve skill acquisition with your team

đź“— Framework Details

K. Anders Ericsson, a psychology professor at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, conducted research that led him to a secret: world-class excellence is not a result of talent, but rather practicing in a specific way that he calls "deliberate practice."

Through meticulous studies of chess, music, sports, and other fields, Ericsson found that the willingness to engage in deliberate practice distinguishes the truly great from the merely good. As a founder, you can train and develop a world-class team by challenging them and implementing deliberate practice within your business function.

One can utilize this Framework and follow the given steps to create a structured model for deliberate practice that involves setting challenging and specific goals for improvement with the team, concentrating solely on practice, receiving prompt feedback, and repeatedly going through the cycle.

This focus should be rigorous and focused and should run for at least a few weeks to attain mastery of the new world-class skill.

đź“— Next Steps

Here are the steps to follow to improve your skills:

Step 1: Identify areas of weakness. Even though it can be uncomfortable, it is important to be honest with yourself and pinpoint your flaws and deficiencies.

Step 2: Break down your weakness into specific goals. Deliberate practice involves setting well-defined, specific goals aimed at improving a particular aspect of your performance. Focusing on a single aspect of your weakness will help you set more specific goals.

Step 3: Set challenging goals. Practicing should always be a bit uncomfortable. If you don't push yourself, you won't make any progress.

Step 4: Seek honest feedback. It is challenging to identify your missteps without feedback. Therefore, it is important to have a feedback loop to help you improve.