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It's Time We Set Some Boundaries

Inspired by LEON

  • Team Framework

  • Targets Happiness

It's Time We Set Some Boundaries

Use this Framework to create a guideline for team-based communication

đź“— Framework Details

To truly harness the benefits of asynchronous communication and leadership, the initial step is gaining clarity on its compatibility with each team member's work-life balance. Implementing such boundaries is a dual win; it fosters an inclusive workspace while simultaneously mitigating stress and elevating collective mental well-being.

Utilize this Framework collaboratively to construct a dynamic ledger. This ledger should catalog each team member's core communication principles, digital constraints such as working hours, favored communication channels, and the rationale behind their preferences. It may also outline conditions under which exceptions to these boundaries may be warranted.

Once these communication parameters are set, it's crucial to not just enforce but also applaud those who adhere to and honor these guidelines. Achieving this heightened level of communication acumen can be transformative for both individual and organizational well-being.

đź“— Next Steps

  • Disseminate this Framework within your team and solicit anonymous feedback to capture a 360-degree view of everyone's communication needs and limitations.

  • Create a communal document that allows team members to articulate their personal boundaries, updating it in real-time.

  • Circulate this living document among the team, actively lauding those who abide by and respect these outlined boundaries.

  • Acknowledge that life circumstances evolve; consequently, make it a point to revisit and update this Framework biannually.