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Understand Pronouns

Inspired by HubSpot

  • Team Framework

  • Targets Diversity & Inclusion

Understand Pronouns

Use this HubSpot Framework to ask your team to share their preferred pronouns.

đź“— Framework Details

Pronouns are an essential part of a person's identity. Using someone's correct pronouns demonstrates respect and inclusion. However, as businesses seek ways to promote and expand diversity, equity, and inclusion in their hiring practices and workplaces, more questions about personal pronouns arise.

Use this Framework to ask everyone on the team—not just those you believe to be transgender and gender non-conforming the pronouns they prefer you and your team use in the workspace.

The attached document below can help you better understand best practices and how you can build a diverse and inclusive team.

đź“— Next Steps

  • Share this Framework with your team.

  • Request feedback on how you can improve to be a more inclusive founder.

  • Stand-up an internal document that references each team member's preferred pronouns.