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The Hubspot Unplugged Framework

Inspired by HubSpot

  • Team Framework

  • Targets Happiness

The Hubspot Unplugged Framework

Use this Hubspot Framework to super-power mental health with your team.

In 2021, the team at Hubspot instituted what they call "Hubspot Unplugged" a new initiative driven by employee feedback, which includes three key components to helping with burnout:

  • A Global Week of Rest: One week where the entire company takes a week off.

  • No Internal Meeting Friday’s: From three months, the team at Hubspot encouraged employees to not book internal meetings on Friday to help combat Zoom fatigue and restore some of that positive Friday energy.

  • More Mental Health Programming: In addition to launching a new mental health benefit for all employees globally, they also hosted additional programs for employees to listen, learn, and identify ways to prioritize their mental health at work.

Understanding this, how can you use this same type of Framework to launch a similar version of "Hubspot Unplugged" at your company?

Could you look at one day when you give the entire team off? If so, how can you structure your work environment so customers are still supported during this time? Could you eliminate internal meetings one day a week for a few months? Could you start a new mental health benefit for your team?

Use this Framework to start your very own "[ Company ] Unplugged"

đź“— Next steps

  • Check your leaders and see if this is the right time for a Framework such as this.

  • Share this Framework with your team, making sure to gather anonymous feedback on starting this Framework.

  • Block out your "[Company] Unplugged" week, making sure to invite your entire team.