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Use Google's "One Simple Thing" Method

Inspired by Google

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Use Google's "One Simple Thing" Method

A Framework to help you set personal well-being goals

đź“— Framework details

Google makes a popular goal-setting practice available to encourage personal well-being called "One Simple Thing." Use the attached document where you as a founder can set personal goals to improve their well-being and work-life flexibility. Then, managers can help their team members adhere to those goals.

đź“— Next steps:

Step 1: Identify Your Personal "One Simple Thing":

As a founder, set aside time to identify your "One Simple Thing" that will improve your well-being without affecting the growth of your venture. This could be anything from regular exercise to daily mindfulness practices. The criteria should be that it is feasible, measurable, and non-intrusive to your business responsibilities. Document this goal clearly and set a timeline for its completion.

Step 2: Incorporate into Weekly Focus Goals:

Integrate your personal well-being goal into your broader set of weekly focus goals. These are objectives you're already tracking, often related to your venture. Your advisors or co-founders should hold you accountable for achieving both types of goals. Discuss how this personal goal aligns with your business goals, emphasizing its importance for long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

Step 3: Share and Seek Accountability:

Share your "One Simple Thing" with your team members and, if comfortable, with friends and family. The idea is to create a supportive network that will hold you accountable for maintaining your well-being while scaling your venture. Regularly update your circle on your progress, and encourage them to share their own personal goals for mutual accountability.

đź“— In closing:

By focusing on a personal goal that improves your well-being, you’re not just doing yourself a favor; you're also setting the stage for a more focused, healthier leadership style that can positively influence your venture.