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Standardize Performance Decisions

Inspired by Gong

  • Manager Framework

  • Targets Diversity & Inclusion

Standardize Performance Decisions

Use this Framework to remove bias from your management decisions

đź“— Framework Details

The focus here is on making the process of assigning high-visibility projects and sponsorship more equitable and less biased. By standardizing the qualities or criteria required for these opportunities, you aim to create a level playing field for all employees, ensuring that career-boosting assignments are allocated based on merit and fit rather than unconscious biases.

đź“— Implementation Steps

  1. Define Ideal Qualities: Write down the specific skills, attributes, and performance metrics that the ideal candidate for a high-visibility project or sponsorship should have. Make these criteria as quantifiable as possible to remove ambiguity.

  2. Document and Share: Share these criteria with relevant stakeholders, including team leads and executives. This transparency ensures everyone understands what is required to be considered for these opportunities.

  3. Open Application: Instead of directly assigning projects, invite employees to apply for them by demonstrating how they meet the predefined qualities. This promotes self-advocacy and ensures people have a chance to make their case.

  4. Review Process: Form a diverse review panel that will evaluate applications based on the predefined qualities. The panel should be trained to recognize and mitigate various biases.

  5. Blind Assessment: If possible, anonymize applications during the initial review stages to avoid any biases related to name, gender, or other personal identifiers.

  6. Fair Selection: Based on the evaluations, assign the projects or sponsorships to those who most closely meet the predefined criteria.

  7. Feedback Loop: Provide feedback to all applicants to help them understand where they stand in terms of the criteria and how they can improve for future opportunities.

  8. Regular Audits: Periodically review the effectiveness and fairness of this standardized system. Make necessary adjustments to the criteria and process based on these reviews.

đź“— Next Steps

  1. Post-Project Assessment: After the completion of a high-visibility project, assess the performance of the individual or team against the predefined qualities to determine if the process led to a successful outcome.

  2. Sponsorship Metrics: If the process also involves sponsorships, establish metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the sponsorship in terms of career progression for the sponsoree.

  3. Continual Learning: Based on these assessments, refine the criteria and process for future assignments.