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Run A Peak Month To Achieve Faster Growth

Inspired by Coinbase

  • Team Framework

  • Targets Adaptability

Run A Peak Month To Achieve Faster Growth

Use this Coinbase Playbook when you are ready to

đź“— Framework details

The team at Coinbase works incredibly hard — for most of their team members, Coinbase is the most intense place they've ever worked. However, because of that intensity, they are also very deliberate about finding time to recover between sprints and quarters.

How deliberate?

They implement what they call four times a year: "recharge weeks" (roughly one per quarter) when nearly the entire company will shut down so they can all enjoy downtime without work piling up.

Four weeks of coordinated recharge time might sound like a lot of time off for a company in hypergrowth, but given the intensity of their work throughout the year, they believe this is the best way to ensure their pace is sustainable for the long term.

Now that your team has a decreased risk of burnout, what if you used this same concept for the upcoming month or quarter? All-in for a specific time, with one "recharge week" built-in?

Here is the play:

Use this Framework to commit your team to go all-in for a month, with a week-long recovery period at the end of the Framework, where your people can recharge and recover.

đź“— Next steps

  • Make sure to overview your roadmap to understand if this is the best time for this Framework.

  • Send it to your team for feedback and to understand if this is the best time to run this Framework.

  • If so, plan one month, where you go "all-in" for three weeks, with one recharge week built in.