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Implement Internal Blogging Using Coda

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Implement Internal Blogging Using Coda

Use this Framework to create an internal blog, just for your team members.

đź“— Framework Details

Coda's internal blogging Playbook serves as an alternative communication channel within the organization, focusing on more personal and less business-centric topics. It's an outlet for employees to share personal interests, passion projects, or even travel tips. This framework aims to improve internal communication by providing a space for employees to share more intimate facets of themselves, which can lead to stronger bonds within the team.

Research by Hakan Ozcelik and Sigal Barsade (2011) points out that employees who feel emotionally connected to their workplace report higher levels of job satisfaction and performance. Given that a reported 40% of employees feel isolated at work, creating platforms like internal blogs can be an invaluable tool for increasing connectivity and job satisfaction.

đź“— Implementation Steps

  1. Platform Selection: Choose the right platform for your internal blogging. This could be an extension of your existing intranet or a dedicated blog platform.

  2. Content Guidelines: Outline what types of content are encouraged and what boundaries should not be crossed. Make sure to steer clear of sensitive or controversial subjects.

  3. Moderation Plan: Appoint a team or individual to moderate the content. They will check for adherence to guidelines and approve posts.

  4. Promotion: Make sure employees are aware of this new channel. Announce it via email, internal meetings, or your preferred communication tool.

  5. Regular Updates: Encourage regular contributions and perhaps even feature 'Blog of the Week' to motivate employees to contribute.

  6. Measure Engagement: Track metrics such as views, comments, and shares to gauge the level of engagement and make any necessary adjustments.

đź“— Next Steps

  1. Feedback Mechanism: Implement a feedback loop to find out what employees think of this initiative and how it could be improved.

  2. Integration: Consider linking the blog with other internal communication tools, like Slack or Teams, to increase visibility.

  3. Review and Update: Periodically review the initiative to ensure it's meeting its objectives and update guidelines or processes as necessary.