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A Framework to help you remember what is important

Inspired by Character Lab

  • Personal Framework

  • Targets Grit

A Framework to help you remember what is important

Use this Framework to appreciate what you’ve been given.

📗 Framework details

Grit and determination to change your habits can only get you so far... if you want to be happier you have to stop and think about how nice people have been to you and how nice you can be to them in return.

When you feel gratitude, you feel a sense of abundance. When you express gratitude—especially when it’s heartfelt—you strengthen your relationships with others. Grateful people are happier and more fulfilled. And gratitude leads you to be nicer to other people: more cooperative, patient, and trusting.

Think about how your day is going. How many of these things are true?

  • I said “thank you” to someone.

  • I did something nice to show my appreciation.

  • I can list lots of people and things that I’m lucky to have in my life.

  • I noticed when someone helped me.

  • I felt a sense of thankfulness.

📗 Next steps

Use this Framework to self-talk about the good things that happen to you: “I love this gorgeous spring day!” Reframe difficulties by highlighting positive aspects: “Work has been stressful lately, but I’m grateful that my boss trusts me with important responsibilities.”

This daily act of self-care can do wonders in helping you re-frame what is important, and how lucky you really are.