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A Framework to build belief in yourself

Inspired by Character Lab

  • Personal Framework

  • Targets Adaptability

A Framework to build belief in yourself

Use this Framework to create a growth mindset.

đź“— Framework details

Having a growth mindset helps you focus on developing your abilities rather than proving how smart or talented you are.

Compared to a fixed mindset, a growth mindset encourages you to embrace challenges, sustain the effort, and try new strategies—and that’s true for both children and adults. Of course, no one embodies only growth or fixed mindsets; we are all a mixture of the two, and we can learn to recognize what triggers a fixed versus growth mindset.

Evidence has shown that the brain is like a muscle—something you can strengthen—students adopt more of a growth mindset about intelligence and earn higher grades. Finally, a growth mindset doesn’t only apply to intelligence: If there are qualities you don’t like about yourself or others, keep in mind that people can change.

đź“— Next steps

Right now, how true are the following statements for you?

  • After making a mistake, I always look for ways to learn from it.

  • I love challenges because they make me smarter.

  • I genuinely believe that people can change.

  • I can always change how intelligent I am.

Once answered, use these findings to create authentic opportunities for learning. Set meaningful challenges for yourself, and request consistent support and timely, constructive feedback from your peers.