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Add Stress To The Table... (We Know)

Inspired by Basecamp

  • Manager Framework

  • Targets Grit

Add Stress To The Table... (We Know)

Use this Basecamp inspired Framework to define a "just right" challenge for your team

📗 Framework Details

The concept of "good stress" or "eustress" has gained attention in scientific circles and workplace wellness initiatives alike.

While the detrimental effects of chronic stress are well-documented, moderate amounts of stress can actually be beneficial. It's like a cognitive workout that sharpens the mind, builds resilience, and increases productivity. In this Framework, the aim is to help team members identify and commit to "just manageable" challenges that will serve as healthy stressors, contributing to both personal and professional growth.

📗 Implementation Steps

  1. Identify the Setting: Determine whether this discussion is best suited for a one-on-one meeting, a team meeting, or a dedicated goal-setting session.

  2. Introduce the Concept: Educate your team on the concept of "good stress" and its benefits, citing studies or expert opinions to lend credibility to the idea.

  3. Challenge Identification: Prompt each team member to identify a "just manageable" challenge in an area they want to improve. This could be professional or personal, as growth in one area often contributes to growth in another.

  4. Commit in Writing: Use a shared document, such as Notion or Google Docs, to have everyone record their chosen challenge. Make it official but also flexible enough for adjustments as needed.

  5. Set a Follow-Up Schedule: Make a commitment to revisit these challenges in subsequent meetings, whether they're weekly one-on-ones or quarterly reviews.

  6. Balance the Challenge: Guide team members in calibrating their challenges to be stimulating but not overwhelming—aim for the Goldilocks Zone where the challenge is "just right."

  7. Progress Tracking: Continuously assess the team's progress toward their challenges, providing support or recalibration as necessary.

Next Steps

  1. Review and Adjust: Keep a pulse on how everyone is doing with their chosen stressors and make adjustments as needed.

  2. Celebrate Wins: Acknowledge and celebrate when team members achieve or make significant progress on their challenges.

  3. Iterate and Expand: Use the data and feedback to refine the approach and consider expanding the practice across other teams or departments.