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Use This Airtable Framework To Implement Focus Weeks

Inspired by Airtable

  • Team Framework

  • Targets Burnout

Use This Airtable Framework To Implement Focus Weeks

A Support Framework to drive recovery and high-performance with your team.

đź“— Framework details

At the start of 2022, Chief People Officer at Airtable, Johanna Jackman, implemented what the team at Airtable calls "radical flexibility."

Part of that effort revolves around attacking team burnout with a Framework they refer to as "Focus Weeks." Airtable built this Framework on the idea of using a shorter work week where everyone is encouraged to cancel recurring meetings and focus on more dense, long-term work.

The goal of these weeks is to hit "reset," prioritize more critical tasks, and focus on heads-down work without having to cut through the noise of a traditional workweek.

đź“— Next steps

From a scientific perspective, this focus on deep work allows the team at Airtable to down-regulate the body's nervous system and trigger a recovery response.

This same strategy has been used in professional sports teams leading up to significant events and Special Operations units before deployments. It can be a powerful stimulus to elicit a recovery adaptation while at the same time shifting the body from a state of fight or flight to a state of rest and recharge.

The next time your team is trending towards burnout, use this Framework for a short time to reduce hours, eliminate non-essential meetings, and allow your people the freedom to dive into some focused work.